Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happiness and Comfort

I made phenominal tortilla soup last night--I love my crockpot.

There's a little old man who walks from the student union area of campus to the stadium area every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 1:30pm. He smokes an old fashioned pipe. It makes me smile.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Is that weird to anyone else? I'm going to be twenty-years-old on Sunday...

Not a bad thing though, I like getting older. It's still kind of fun.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Surprisingly enough...

I am really excited for my post civil war history class. The professor is less concerned with dates and specific and more concerned with the concepts and happenings. Moreover, he encourages us to be critical and sceptical of history. It's really great!

{How typical...}

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day Three

of classes is about to commence... I'm already jonesin' nothing more than to be done with this semester... with school in general.

I'm tired- residual exhaustion from having to be in my chem lab at 7:30am yesterday...

I don't wanna go to class. Well, I want to go to wall climbing, because that class is frickin' boss. But don't make me go to chemistry...

I miss this:

Friday, January 11, 2008

North Carolina Adventures

*My most sincere apologies for being home and not keeping you up-to-date. I know some people (or person; namely a sister of mine) who is practically going to crap herself in anticipation...

It was a fantastic trip! A back story for those of you who weren't in on the scoop- Over Thanksgiving break, I got a call from my boyfriend's mother, asking if I would like to join their family in NC for the New Years. They'd already been looking at tickets, and I would fly out Dec 27. But don't tell Tripp- it's a surprise. Thus, you can imagine how difficult the next month was for me--completely excited about the whole thing in addition to my anxiety over meeting all of Tripp's paternal relatives for the first time...

Regardless, I made it without peeping a single word to the boy. Dec 27- got up at 3am, got to the airport by 4:40. Got frisked because I have jeans with the stupid tabby things and buttons made of some dumb metal as well as clasps on my bra that have a similar effect. *Have you ever noticed how angry-at-the-world people are in airports? It's quite the tragedy. Smiling is so not as hard as they make it seem.* A flight plus one lay-over later, I make it to Charlotte at 11:something, and find Sharon (the boy's mom) at the baggage claim. So we make way around the busy, crazy, historical, beautiful city to Nanny and Papa's house. Oh the anticipation at this point is ridiculous and indescribable! We make way to the back door, and Tripp just happens to be looking for something at the kitchen table- approximately seven feet from the door. He looked up, validated his parents return, looked back to the table, and then it registered. He double takes, and then grabbed me, saying, "What... You're... What are you doing here?" It was perfect. And then he ran off to shower because he was scuzzy and now embarrassed.

Hugs from Nanny and Papa- each mentioning a thank you for a presence that commanded proper hygiene as well as smiles and words from their grandson. Sarah Francis, 9, took it from there- a thorough, all inclusive inquiry regarding my family, general knowledge, preferences, skeletons, and intentions with Tripp. Allie and Bo, 15 and 11 respectively, appreciated reaping all benefits of the interrogation without having to contribute much, however they occasionally pipped in with their own questions. I must have passed, because I was eventually allowed to contribute to sudoku completion as well as news paper headline commentary.

Early afternoon, we packed up the cars, and drove out to the mountain house. It was stunning- just out side of Banner Elk, NC on Beech Mountain. The view from the entirely regal house was spectacular... eventually. We got there on an exceptionally foggy evening. The entire next day was spent in a cloud as well. So we played games, watched tv, and I passed on my morsels of sewing knowledge to SF (short for Sarah Francis, because her name is not just Sarah. Made that mistake once and only once). For the time, it was just ten of us- Nanny, Papa, Ed and Sharon (mister's parents), Will (mister's brother), the three aforementioned cousins, and of course Tripp and myself.

The next day, the house number increased exponentially- Katherine and Jeff (Ed's sister and brother-in-law) arrived, followed by Tommy and Holly (Ed's brother and sister-in-law). Then rolled in Hamrick, 20, and Stephanie, 21 (Tripp's cousin and his gal), followed by Kate, 22 (another cousin). It was quite overwhelming, and the next few days were a blur! There was always a bowl game on TV, a game of bridge going on at the game table, and relatives making inquiry a little more age appropriate from SF's efforts. We ate, played games, did puzzles, watched "the game"- whatever that means anymore.

We rang in the new year with family portraits, hyper activity, and some classic rock tuneage. We were also captive to watching a new rendition of Evil Knievel jump a football field...

A few people made their departure later that morning/early afternoon. Ed, Sharon, Tripp, Will, and I made way into Boone to visit Footsloggers (a sweet climbing and outdoor store) where Tripp made purchase of a harness, ATC, carabiner, and chalk with his gift card from Christmas 2006. While we were there, it started to snow! Big flakes! Like I'd never seen before! It was awesome!

It continued to snow for the remainder of January 1st and the majority of the 2nd. Of course, we took advantage of the opportunity to embrace our inner child. The temperature was in the single digits, with probably 6-8 inches of snow! Oh, there was snow angels, snow ball fights, snowmen (or penguin in my case), and sledding! The boys made a snow jump in the yard and a ramp on the driveway for some great height and fantastic speed! Perhaps some of the most fun I've ever had!

And then came the 4th, the day that was spent entirely on the road... Good thing I go into hibernation mode in those settings...

The week since then has been great- just chillin', taking care of business, and hanging out with some friends! And now I need to get to packing up so I can head back to Noma tomorrow.

Ps- we still don't know if Tripp has been accepted to OU for the spring... His letter should arrive today or tomorrow according to the admissions lady... Sooo helpful.