Saturday, June 28, 2008

2:30am- Early or Late?

Either way, I was still awake, wrapping up a conversation with my Elisha (Flipha, if you will). It was quite a varied discussion, covering a great many topics, but as it came to a close and we said goodnight, the words kept running through my mind. As I crawled into bed, it reminded me that I am really blessed and my life is absolutely wonderful:

My family is so incredible; I am so fortunate to have so many great role models and best friends. I can and do tell y'all anything. I'm discovering more and more that what we have, that whole Brady thing, is really rare. Few family units function like we do... I love it!

Good men are hard to find, yet I have found one that stands by me through thick and thin. I think back to the beginning of our relationship and realize that it's kind of a feat that we've survived... Starting long distance two months into our relationship, maintaining it for two years so far, and determined to do two more? I think we're nuts, but I guess you kind of have to be crazy for long distance?

I have truly stellar friends. We may have any number of differences, but that makes it interesting and fun. This summer so far has given me a great opportunity to get to know Elisha a lot better and I have discovered that she is incredible. Granted I already knew that, I didn't know just how very much. She's so level headed and grounded, a rock. Best yet, we have ridiculously silly times together! She never judges me, just loves me. And while this is the way it's always been with her, I think I just appreciate it more now. It's a lot like having my sisters here...

My life in general is really good. All around.
Praise be to God.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I thought it was funny...

Somethings to know as background-
  • I was hanging out at the Price's house yesterday with Ed, Sharon, and both sets of Tripp's grandparents.
  • Ed's laid wood flooring in the den and plans to do the rest of the downstairs... Eventually...
  • Ramona, a family friend, came over to drop something off and stayed for a while:

Ramona: Eddy, when are you going to finish the rest of the flooring?

Patricia: I give him two years.

Ed: C'mon. It'll be done well before that.

Patricia: Good.

Ramona: (to Patricia) Well, you're wedding will be the next big thing around here I suppose.

Patricia: Right, I give him two years.

Ramona: You hear that Sharon? Patricia says she's getting married in two years!

Patricia: Sharon, if that's news to you, then I'm surprised.

Sharon: Nope. Not news.

Ramona: It is to Tripp, right?

Patricia: I guess? Maybe, we'll see...

Ramona: You know they'd still come to your wedding even if it wasn't. They like you.

Patricia: I'd bet they'd hate me if that happened!

Ed: Depends on how bad the break up is...

Good times.
It really was a good day; Tripp's grandparents are amazing! And crazy! But the good kind- not literally insane, like we're used to.

Sharon even called me "the daughter she never had, but always wanted" and it felt good :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Luckiest

730 days ago, I agreed to give things a try. Second best choice ever.*
I love you, Grady.
*(Second only to Jesus)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Throwback Thursday: My Miche

My protector, mommy, confidant, bestfriend, and sister. Happy Birthday Michelle.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Glance Back: High School...

Some of my least favorite years, but it still turned out some funny pictures-

I'm a really weird kid... I guess that'll never change :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm A Big Girl Now!

I learned how to ride a bike!

Alright, I know you're all saying "What are you talking about? You already knew how..."
Right- I learned the basic mechanism of bike riding three years ago, but yesterday Tripp taught me what I need to know for to/from/on campus riding.  Quite a task granted I never touched a bike again since the initial day of enlightenment in 2005...

I've mastered riding straight, wide turns, stopping, and locking up.  Now I just have to figure out starting with grace, tight turns, and avoiding people!