Monday, September 29, 2008

One More Week!

School starts next Monday and I am sooo stoked! I absolutely cannot wait to be submersed in culinary classes finally! I think I'll feel a little a little more stable and secure. I'm not exactly enjoying this feeling of limbo.

Apparently, I'm not as awful at frosting cupcakes as I thought I was- after realizing that I was what had "happened to the cupcakes" the girls at work said that I was doing well for having only been working a couple of days! It's a really fun job- the girls are crazy and fun. Still no real luck on the phone confidence...

Some random photo collection to come once I figure out this mystery of a phone...

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Don't Have a Creative Title Today

But things are going really well all the same! The job is magnificent! I'm learning the pricing slowly, but oh so surely. The customers so far have been pretty patient while I ask Stephanie a million and thirty-four questions, but I have the cash register and credit card machine down and I'm almost comfortable enough to answer the phone without hesitation and wincing! It'll take a while before I can handle taking special event or cake orders on my own. People here are unforgiving; a woman last week claimed that we ruined her daughters first birthday because the color frosting didn't match precisely the pink of the table cloth and napkins. Mind you, she never gave us a color swatch... Other than picky picky Plano and Dallasites, the job is really fun! I'm awesome with the sprinkles and practicing my cupcake frosting in the down time! I love our little brown aprons!

Interesting tid bit for your enjoyment: I figured since I've been working and babysitting but not spending a cent of it, I could justify some new tennis shoes. I've had the same pair since the beginning of high school which are now smelly, falling apart, and squeak when I make any movement in them! So I went to the New Balance store earlier to get the help and advice I needed in my purchasing endeavor and found out that my foot sizing situation is a little more ridiculous than I had realized... I knew from buying pointe shoes years ago that my left foot is larger than my right; in the pointe shoes, it was only a half size difference... Today was the first time I've had my foot measured since 11th grade and it showed that my right foot is a 9-9.5 while my left foot is a 10.5-11... Awesome. I've never seen a sales rep so thoroughly disturbed before! He recommended a size 10 as a happy medium, and it works in that it's not too tight on the left nor too loose on the right. I really want to put them on and go for a run right now, but it's a little too toasty out for that. I'll just have to be patient for a few more hours...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Come On Already!

Good night nurse, I'm ready for things life to pick up again! I really want to work and I am so excited about starting classes that it almost hurts! Fortunately, the job starts Tuesday at 10am! And with any luck, I'll come home to a newly carpeted bedroom and study! Then after exactly one month to the day, I'll be able to move myself in... Mom and Pops absolutely cannot wait to get their dinning room back, I'm sure! And I can't wait to have my life organized and back in order, but most of all, I'm excited to not be living out of boxes and bags any more!

Completely unrelated- I love babysitting in this town. People here have too much money and will use it to ensure that you'll actually answer the phone when they call to schedule the next date or appointment. Apparently, I am in high enough demand around here that I can incur $12 per hour as the going rate for the family wanting first place in the pecking order of my calendar... I'd say that's a little gratuitous- $7 or $8 per hour is just fine by me, but why negotiate for less when they want to throw their money at you? Better yet, agree to babysit a few kids from a couple families so all of their parents can go party together- you get paid a solidly huge chunk from the coordinating parents AND have other parents tip you as well! Yeah, that's fine; I'll buy myself a tank of gas and some croutons for a drive on up to Noma off the bonus bucks.

I'm really hungry but having just finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel, I almost feel bad walking out to my excessively stocked pantry and/or fridge in the middle of the night at my own freedom.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Official!

I have a job at Tart Bakery! I'll be receiving my schedule by the end of the week and I'll start sometime next week! For the first few weeks, I'll work along side the managers until I feel comfortable and confident on my own. Until then, I'll be studying the menu and learning the pricing; Kristen said that I don't need to worry about precise memorization yet because that will all come along later in time with experience. But it'll be easier on me when I start if I have a decent idea of the dollar range for different items.

I am so ridiculously excited! I need something to do! Since completion of room painting, I've been wickedly bored. Mostly enjoying the novelty of my new bed and phone--either napping or playing... And room reorganization will occupy a substantial part of my time once the new carpet is installed, but that won't be for another couple weeks.

Regardless, I do look forward to working for the sake of working and not just because it gets me out of the house. This bakery seems like it'll be great experience and really good fun! Many long hours on my feet, plenty of smiling and sales, but all exactly what I want to do.

Oh, I can hardly wait!

PS- check out Spiders on Drugs- it's a quality vid :)