Saturday, November 24, 2012

iTunes Champion

I am triumphant!  My iTunes and I battled and I won.

Momza and Pops just left a couple hours ago from their week here for Thanksgiving.  It rocked having them here, so we were sad to see them go.  And their puppies!  I am surprised Grady refrained from trying to hide one or both of them so they couldn't leave...  Such cute puppies!!!

Yesterday, while the mister slept, the rents and I went to Lowe's go purchase their Christmas gift to us: three beautiful, big, steel shelving units for our garage (on sale and we didn't do any crazy Black Friday shenanigans to get the deal!), followed by my pops helping me set them up and getting them loaded while Momza so kindly, without prompting or being requested, prepped the house for Christmasing.  We also converted the newly clean garage in to the rough beginnings of a man cave for the aforementioned sleeping mister, but more on that later.

Once we got around to setting up the tree, I realized that it would be crying shame to not listen to some great Christmas music while we decked the halls.  I was wanting my old, ridiculous stuff-- you know what I'm talking about-- Billy Gilman, Jim Henson and The Muppets, The Carpenters.  It was then that I remembered that in the great flood of 2011, we lost the computers and therefore the music.  I guess I just ignored that fact last year?  Not sure how I made it through without a tantrum... (If tantruming happened, I am sincerely sorry to any of you sweet friends who dealt with it.  I've clearly repressed that situation if it did indeed happen).  Regardless, Pops and the then awake mister conspired to get my music back to me via a media transfer from Pops' computer by flash drive!  Genius!!!

At that point, iTunes started to play elusive...  Jerk.  Tripp did what he could, Pops tried too, but to no avail.  They added a folder of all the music to my desktop, but shortly thereafter, Tripp had to do that lame thing we call going to work...  Boo.

Fast forward to this morning!  We send off the rents and pups, do our Saturday morning routine, and once mister was sufficiently snuggled to sleep, I made a tactical strike at the iTunes.  I knew it was a permissions issue, so I looked into altering ALL of the permissions regarding our hard drive, my iTunes account, and my computer user account.  After reading MANY blog forums, modifying copious amounts of curse words before they escaped my lips into silly phrases, and refraining from actually punching the computer, I stumbled across the issue: the random location iTunes has decided to store and pull my music from was locked from modification from my account.  And by that I mean Tripp was the only user marked as available to make changes.  I added myself to the list of admins for that file while mumbling something about a misogynistic computer system, added my music files, opted for "Add to Library," and watched every single music file name scroll by as I felt the full weight of my victory!  Best yet, my as-good-as-Apple-Genius husband didn't have to hand hold me the whole time!  Or any of the time; I am soo capable!

I am listening to some of that good old Christmas music right now as I type to you of my success and it feels soo good.  Now we move on to crafting: jingle bell poppies from egg cartons, tree skirt from table cloth, crocheted star ornaments, paper word garlands, something creative for our above-mantle art (inspiration will come, I'm not worried.  Or Pinterest will be summoned), and making pillows and curtains for the man cave!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Weight Loss Secrets!

Yesterday, I celebrated my first anniversary of being refined sugar free!  Refined sugars specified only because when you say "sugar free," people get uppity about fruit and honey, which I do still consume.  But cut me some slack- from here on in, I will refer to the topic simply as sugar free.

Okay, let's get honest-- some of you won't like hearing this, but it has to be said: "You're stronger than me" and "I could never do that" are not compliments.  There.  I said it!  It's not flattering to tell me that you have no faith in yourself.  I know what you intend for that to mean, but it's just not a compliment.  I promise you, if giving up sugars was something that mattered to you like it did to me, you would give them up too.

NOTE: there are some people who can eat refined sugars in moderation without struggling.  I am in no way saying I judge sugar eaters (although, it sounds derogatory when I say it that way).  Only that we should give compliments that convey what we really mean.

I've gotten a lot of questions about this sugar free decision, the most frequent of which is "WHY?".  If you really wanna know...  I am completely and undeniably addicted to refined, processed, sugars.  I formed that addiction partially through genetics and partially because of my eating disorder.

July 2, 2011, I shared a tear filled conversation with a dear friend of mine during which I realized that the behaviours that plagued me in middle school had resurfaced in my life--I was purposefully skipping meals when I felt down on my self (weighing in at 220 lbs for a 5'10" girl?  Basically all the time) and lying to everyone in my life about it.  I claimed I didn't eat because I was sooo busy or that I just wasn't hungry when people asked.  I had probably stood staring into a pantry or fridge that day (letting the cold air out, running up the electricity bill, I know), willing myself to not eat, though.

On the other hand, I had developed new behaviours that I hadn't recognized until that evening- when stressed, I binge ate on sweets.  Gluttonous gorging on candies, cakes, cookies, you name it.  I had no will power or discipline.  If I opened a bag of chocolates, I would pour a small handful, eat them and put the bag away.  Aaaannnd two minutes later, I was back getting another handful.  And another handful.  And another handful until the bag was empty. I could.not.stop.myself.  Anyone who went to culinary school or worked at Aprima with me can attest to how incredibly stressful either environment was and also, I'm sure, to how much I was eating all of the time.

Yes, I was eating, but I was not getting nourishment.  Both the anorexia and binge eating are completely separate with unique triggers while still existing simultaneously in my mind.  It was hard living that way and I was not happy.  Once I realized it, it had to stop.  And that part wasn't easy either.  Fortunately, I have an incredible husband and dear, wonderful friends who all love me and wanted only good health and happiness for me.  They were the ones who really listened when I tearfully asked them for their help and babysat me through the first six months of eating on a regular diet at regularly scheduled times.  Then, they were the ones who understood when I went Paleo that even though I didn't have a leaky gut, I needed healing in the area of nutrition.

I know this sounds so far like a huge sob story, but really it's a celebration!  I DON'T live like that any more!  I  DON'T think like that any more!  That is NOT who I am any more.


An eating disorder is ANYTIME our food consumption is central to EMOTIONAL needs.  That's it!  You don't have to fit one of the three (now four) known and named disorders to be a disordered eater.  More importantly, if you struggle with an eating disorder, it does not have to own you.  There is life on the other side and it feels gooood!  Lastly, you never know what the people around you are struggling with, so be kind, be loving, and lend support even when you don't understand.

So don't tell me if you felt that terrible all of the time, you wouldn't choose to give up sweets or grains or whatever it took.  Don't tell me you couldn't handle choosing to be healthy and happy.  I am not the strength in this situation; the strength only comes from our sovereign Father and He will provide for your needs too.

Today I celebrate being a year and a day on the road to recovery (cliche, but true), giving the Lord the control to make me whole.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Thoughts on Present Blessings

The Lord has been at work in me regarding specifically obedience, discipline, patience, and trust for a few months now (years actually, but he's had victories in the past few months).  It's been an incredible journey!  I wanted to share a few tidbits of it with you.

As I worked out this evening, the Holy Spirit reminded me that my health journey over the last 10 months (nearly) has taught me really great things.  Quick shout out to my girl, Janelle--thank you for our text conversation tonight.  God absolutely used that for these ends:

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  And that can mean physical strengthening.  Frequently, I think of that meaning only spiritual, mental, or emotional strengthening; however, I've found the physical application in that I can push myself significantly further than I would have imagined because God made me capable. (Thank you to Becca and Megan for guiding me to that revelation).

  • I CAN give up sweets and the ever beloved bread/pasta/pastries and be PERFECTLY happy, content, and fulfilled. (Glo- you know you're the biggest catalyst for this one).  No part of me feels deprived, disappointed, or lacking.  When your health and happiness is at such a strain, as mine was even an recently as just last summer, you find you will do what it takes to restore your temple.

  • Now I'm in a place where God is using me to help lead and teach others about health, fitness, food, and so much more.

In case you hadn't gathered by now, I feel amazing and I know that is how God intended for me to live!  What joy!  What a wonderful Redeemer.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthdays, Price Style

Yesterday was Grady's 24th birthday, so I decided to go a little crazy while he slept.

Crape paper everywhere!

Helium balloons (I was a bit of a doof about how many balloons the tank would fill. Oh well!)

Grady was soo pleased, can't you tell? No, really, he loved it!

See? He decided to dive in!

Kiki was (is) not pleased! Tripp thought it would be fun to spread the balloons all over the house and since the pup is apparently afraid of them, she gets herself trapped as the fans move them around at will.

Quick dog sidebar: when Tripp got home this morning, Kiki was excited (per usual) but frustrated that she was "blocked" on the bed with me. She found a patch of opportunity, hopped down, found herself surrounded by balloons and no where to go, and attempted to hop back up on the bed. She did not quite nail her landing, however... Kiki fell off the bed, popped a balloon, and effectively flew into the center of the bed! Hilarious.

Next up - family celebration! We're headed over to Sharon and Ed's place for dinner along with my mom and pops (they're graciously sharing their anniversary to celebrate Tripp's birthday!). I'm in charge of dessert (duh), so Tripp and I landed on Pavlovas! Because who doesn't love baked meringue (pictured above), whipped coconut cream, and honey macerated kiwi and strawberries? That's right, no one.