Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Puppy of Mine,

The last few days, even perhaps weeks, have been particularly good for you and I; I just wanted to let you know that you make me ohh so very happy. I know that we have our off moments, sometimes off days and sometimes you annoy the poop out of me. You may not be a perfectly trained puppy and others might find you to be too obnoxious, but I think you're the perfect puppy.
I love the way you listen when we tell you to sit or tell you no. I don't always like the way you jump on me, but it does make me feel soo loved and so missed after a day away. You're hyperactivity can make me a little crazy sometimes, but it can also make me laugh like nothing else. For instance, last night, when Tia Tracy called and you got soo excited that you launched your self directly into my lap and plopped your behind down in my plate of coconut rice! Please don't do that again, but as for last night that was hilarious!
I also love watching you romp with your red puppy and pull its stuffing out. Nothing makes me smile more than when Tripp jumps, rolls, and runs around with you. That is nothing besides how incredibly cuddly you are. Sometimes you walk or jump yourself straight into my lap and demand to be loved on, other times you inch your way further and further on--either way is equally entertaining and I adore spending my time rubbing your ears and tummy.
Thank you for being such a wonderful puppy and making Tripp and I so happy! You're the perfect Kiki for us and I'm glad that we got you instead of ice cream that day a year and a half ago.

Love always,
Your mommy