Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the Health Front

After an evening in the emergency room last night, we found that I have lymphadenitis--my lymph nodes are aggitated and inflamed with a bacterial infection, source unknown. It's not anything that was passed to me or that I could have passed on to anyone else.

It's similar to the type of "infection" I dealt with in high school with the costochondritis shenanigans. I need to eat bland foods and take a whole slew of medications for about a week and a half. Okay, only three meds, but that's far more than I'm used to these days!

Today, the hospital called because they had routinely gone over my CT scan results and found that I have disk protrusions in my back between L4-L5 and L5-S1, with moderate central stenosis (a lack of elasticity and range of motion) in the L4-L5 region. In other words, my lower back is all out of whack and I need to make more appointments that I still don't have time for.

So if we were to wrap this up and summarize, these are my main points:
1) God answers prayers-he gave me a clear diagnosis and it was a relatively minor, albeit uncomfortable, problem.
2) I just need to eat sad sad meals for the next little bit and suck it up to get through graduation in 26 days!
3) When you have random pain, don't be ashamed of going to the er because they get their tests back WAY quicker than the doctor (who will be calling tomorrow with information on the test they ran on Friday)

Thanks for all of your prayers and concern! God is good, all the time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Platinum What?

I periodically watch a variety of incredibly stupid wedding shows- it started as excitement that I got to join the ranks of women searching for the best florist and photographer, see what kind of ideas other women have had, whatever. Now it's mostly just for a cheap laugh! Weddings have gone to a pretty ridiculous realm of unrealistic imagination and quite frankly a stupid competition for attention.

September 25, 2010 is exclusively about the Grady and I joining in marriage, blessed by God and witnessed by family and friends. That's all that matters to me. Some one else could plan my entire wedding and I could know nothing about my wedding and that would be fine! Because the only element of my wedding that really and earnestly matters is that Grady is there with me to become my husband.

Sure, there are things that we like and want, but watching Platinum Weddings right now is just making me giggle about how seriously people take some of the silliest things! These big trees with crystals and candles hanging as table center pieces, thousands of roses, cakes with different flavors in each tier, absurd favors for guests to take home...

If nothing else about my reception is particularly memorable, I hope that people walk away feeling that they got to celebrate our love. I could care less about the rest. I love Grady.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Listening to- Eisley: Combinations, Adele: 19

It's been a most excellent week for me! Monday was it's normal monotony, but the rest of the week has been rather enjoyable!

Tuesday- I had my first golf lesson from my sweet hubs-to-be! I will confess that I thought it was a particularly ridiculous "sport" before then, but I am absolutely hooked! It's exactly the arm and ab workout I've been seeking for some time!

Wednesday- We had no customers whatsoever in the gallery, which I know I should consider a bad thing, but I was kind of nice to get to just hang out and do nothing when I'm normally pretty busy! Afterwards, I tried to rescue a dog but it said no...

Thursday- snow day! Grady was off work and we got to chill and cuddle all afternoon and evening! He was subjected to an evening of Gilmore Girls, but we did get quite a bit of My Name is Earl in there first :) We tried again to save the dog, twice. I was straight up rejected once again, then the dog had been caught the second time around. Thank goodness someone was able to successfully get the poor yellow lab out of the snow!

Friday- should have been a snow day, but it was AiD's presidents day... Either way, I got almost the entire apartment clean! I still need to do some clothing-putting-away (my least enjoyable task...) and a bit of vacuuming and then the entire place will be spotless!

Today has been a most eventful day so far: we went and bought Bo and Geri, our African dwarf frogs, a new tank so we can better care for them. Of course moving live animals from one home environment to another always seems to be shenanigans when I'm involved. Bo found his way into our sink and then the drain and we thought Geri had been crushed by the shifting gravel... You'll all be glad to hear that I successfully fit my hand into the drain, rapidly got over how surprisingly ticklish I find frogs in my palm to be, and transported Bo into his new home. Geri was just being a punk and they are both happily swimming around in the clean water!

And now I'm caramelizing a crap ton of onions (four large ones) for some French Onion Soup! I am absurdly excited get to use my French Onion Soup bowls for the first time ever! And we discovered a new favorite wine: the recipe calls for a red wine and being "adventurous" with our selection, we went with the 3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon. Don't ask why; we wouldn't be able to say. I know, I know- label loving is frowned upon, but I find our random selections are our winners more often than not. Anyways, after a sampling of, I have concluded that it is delicious. That's saying a lot coming from me- a white wine wussy who can only handle reds when paired well! It's really smooth with notes of cherry and just a hint of smokey-oakiness. I love it!

Once I get my happily caramelized and drunken onions over to the crock-pot (don't judge me) to hang out in beef broth and herbs for the remainder of the day, I think I'm going finish the aforementioned chores, maybe rearrange the living room and then spend what's left of the day to embark in a a pamper-me afternoon of bathing, lounging, and reading, glass of wine in hand!

I would highly recommend you all do the same. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well, Hello February!

Listening to- A Fine Frenzy: One Cell in the Sea, Priscilla Ahn: A Good Day, and the washing machine a room away
Watching- Iron Chef America, practically muted
Working on- wedding stuffs and gifts
Current Countdowns-
48 days to graduation
231 days to our wedding!
72 work hours to externship completion (at 18-19 hours a week, that should be just under 4 more weeks)

As of today, Grady and I have nailed down a date (September 25, 2010), a ceremony location (the sanctuary of Custer Road UMC), and now our reception site (The Tribute Golf Club). Colors, flowers, cake baker, dj, and favors all pretty solidly selected.

This frees up our Tuesday afternoons for new activities: I have a agreed to learn to golf and Grady is pretty ridiculously excited to teach me! I'm sure hilarity is what we have to look forward to.

*Ammendment 1 (February 7, 2010):
(Listening to-Eisley: Combinations. Watching- Ace of Cakes marathon [don't judge me- they have an interesting creativity even if they don't really make cakes]. Working on- honeymoon location picks to give to the Prices.)

It seems that the wedding plans are coming together in ways better than I could have imagined, all in this weekend! We have a couple of friends from church that are wanting to offer their help and services to make my life easier which is more than welcome!

First: A friend has offered an amazing photography package with more services included and a much better cost than I have found with absolutely anyone else around!

Second: A botanist friend has offered to grow our sunflowers for us to ensure the type, quantity, and quality that we are expecting for our wedding! That cuts out the cost of a florist while eliminating the anxiety of hoping a grocery store will have what we need available on September 25.

Third: While in the church's wedding meeting, I got to hang with a friend (whom I have desperately missed) and her family. Her mother offered to throw me a wedding shower! So sweet!

My most sincere apologies if you don't care about the wedding details, because this looks like its rapidly morphing into a wedding blog! I like this venue better than annoying everyone with constant wedding updates on Facebook. :)