Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visiting My Old Haunt

I am so excited to be going up to Norman, Oklahoma for the weekend! I'll be able to stay for more than one day this time too! I'm looking forward to catching She-sha's rugby match, my first experience with this sport! And of course I'm excited to celebrate Megan's 21st birthday! It still feels weird for me to be 21, so the idea of buying someone else a drink seems pretty crazy too! But what I'm looking forward to most is just being back in the comfort of "home." I've really really missed my girls, my apartment, my Noma... I know things have changed and none of those are "mine" anymore, (except for the girls- they'll always be my girls) but it is so easy to fall right back into the rhythm of it all and feel reconnected.

This week has been especially hellatious, so this weekend of fun and relaxation with my best friends could not be needed any more than it is right now.

In completely unrelated news- I am so tired of my long hair! I'm thinking I'm just going to give in on the bet and let Tripp win! He knew that I would get sick of it and want to chop it off; I'm thinking that's a testament for his understanding of me and thus deserves to win! I hate wearing it down so it's always in a ponytail or bun. And having it all pulled up makes it heavy and so I've been getting headaches! Not worth it. I'm getting it chopped back up to my chin! I don't know when and who by, but it's going to be soon! Very soon! Pictures to come!

Monday, February 9, 2009


My hand feels like it might fall off... Recipe writing is the most dreaded of all homework! For example, this week's list looked like:

Golden Gazpacho, Puff Pastry Straws
Warm White Beans, Mesclun Salad & Mango Chutney
Pan-Seared Grouper, Tropical Fruit Salsa
Corn Custard
Rice & Peas
Fried Plantain Chips
Key Lime Pie

Seven menu items, seven cards, right?
No, try ten... I should know this by now, but those longer titles have a 50-50 chance at being a separate recipe.

Okay, so, I realize that three cards more than anticipated doesn't sound like much but golly gee, my hand and wrist are still throbbing!

PLUS this week is an exception since we have a midterm on Wednesday. So take fourteen cards and make it twenty! All of them are due on Tuesday because Chef Knifong prefers to not have to worry about grades on Wednesday besides participation and performance and all of them must be hand written.

That said, I think that I'm going to enjoy the Floribbean studies this week; I most look forward to the Fried Plantain Chips! And maybe I'll find out why the Rice & Peas recipe calls for kidney beans and no peas whatsoever.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay, It's Not THAT Bad...

Let's just act like that last post didn't happen, k? I was just at a rough patch in my day, really frustrated and all I wanted was a hug... A Grady hug at that.

I'm doing better now- I promise :) Although, I will admit that it is a daily battle and I continuously have to make the conscious decision to not allow the sadness I feel make my day go poorly. I had a moment of weakness earlier (more like a couple hours of weakness... details).

Things really are good in my life- I just celebrated my 21st birthday, school is even better this quarter, every single article of clothing I own is currently clean, my portion of the house is almost back to my standards, and I'm finally on the last of the Harry Potter books! All aspects of my life are really going nicely, including my relationship stuff most of the time.

If you do pay attention to anything in the previous post, definitely click on the link! It's my favorite song off of Ingrid Michaelson's cd, Be OK. The whole thing is spectacular, but You and I just makes me smile! Grady and I make a lot of silly promises or goofy deals about what we'll do when we're together and get older, most of which we acknowledge as jokes; this song is pretty much just that- simple togetherness, the inside jokes or random conversations exclusive to a relationship, and love!

Whoa Dang...


I hadn't realized that I hadn't posted since December! I've kept up, mostly, with everyone else's but I guess I kept feeling like I had written that post relatively recently for some strange reason... If only I had decided to reread it earlier than just now, I might have been able to keep you up-to-date!

So we got through the Christmas season in fabulous fashion- Grady's family is spectacular and a lot of fun. I completely loved being in North Carolina! Most of all, I enjoyed being with Grady day in and day out (relatively) for nearly a month. We haven't gotten to spend more than a week at a time together since the summer '07, however those weeks together have been exceedingly rare as well.

January absolutely flew by, but at the same time it felt like it dragged by. I have to wonder if that month together was really a blessing... I think the way I miss Grady has intensified now that I've had a taste of what I have to look forward to post-graduation. I was lucky enough to get a surprise visit from the mister on Friday- he drove up for my birthday party! That was nice for the 20 or so hours he was with me... And then I kind of just fell back into it, this despair that I can't quite seem to shake.

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to focus on the now, live in the present; please believe me- I'm trying. It's just that after a little more than two and a half years together apart, I'm kind of exhausted. I feel like I'm losing my grip on sanity sometimes... And if it wasn't entirely worth it, if I didn't completely know that Grady is so boss and the cat's pajama's, I'd so call it quits and restore my sanity. But it is worth it and I know how wonderful my Grady is; I also know how much worse I would feel if we took a break, put it on pause, or whatever else you want to call it...

A few things that make me feel better, besides being with him:
1) Looking at pictures
2) Reading letters/texts from him
3) Listening to good music, this one in particular

Oh well, such is life. I'll figure it all out and start to feel better soon I hope.