Friday, August 14, 2009

Whoo Who!

I only have one week left in the long distance portion of my relationship!

Grady got the job with Allen PD and starts work on Monday, August 24th. His last day of work in Waco will be Thursday, August 20th; Grady's father, brother, and I are driving down to Waco frickin' early on Friday, August 21st to get all of the furniture and whatnot out of Grady's current apartment and move him up here! He'll have to live with his 'rents for a week seeing as his new apartment won't be ready for move in until the 29th.

Wanna see where Grady's going to be living? Times Square is mighty pretty; read a bit and have fun! He'll be in a one bedroom A9 plan, which isn't listed on the web page, but it's the same layout as the A6, but 830-something sqft instead of 787 sqft. We also negotiated the same price for the A9 as he would have gotten for the A6. :) He'll be on the fifth floor (and there are elevators)!

I am absolutely in love with his bathroom-to-be; I have honestly never seen a bathroom this big or nice in any apartment ever! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as we have him moved in!

I'm just so excited to not have to say goodbye anymore. We're so used to being on our own all the time that I'm sure it's going to be incredibly weird being together all the time, but I look forward to driving him crazy, being driven crazy by him, having our first face-to-face fight, and learning how to deal with all of it! I'm more excited about sharing meals, making friends, hanging out, and more together however! People will stop thinking that I've fabricated an imaginary boyfriend :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Looks Good

I have the best family ever, and that does include the Prices that have so lovingly taken me on as a daughter. It's been a challenging week, to say the least.

For those who don't know, I accidentally rode my bicycle into a park bench last Thursday (July 23) while out with Grady's parents, Ed and Sharon. I sprained my left shoulder (dominant hand, mind you) and needed stitches in my right pointer finger. I earnestly thank God for how lucky I was to not have smashed my head in or broken anything, not to mention for the care administered by Ed and Sharon.

I find it quite endearing actually- Sharon hopped on her bike and took off as fast as possible to get the truck to pick us up while Ed stayed with me, holding my finger together, telling me stories, and helping me calm down. Then the roles swapped- Ed rode his bike home, and Sharon drove me back to the house keeping me comfortable and happy, transferring me over to the car. Even after the trip to the hospital, their care was constant, getting me ice packs, finding me bandages, a sling, and neosporin. They even insisted on transporting me and my car over to my house-sitting job for the weekend. They are amazing people.

Then there's my parents and boyfriend (the latter driving up on his day off to take care of me) who all helped type my homework while I dictated my journals, vocabulary, recipe cards, and other task lists to them. There were even times where something else required my attention, and they would take turns reading and typing in my absence! Mom and Dad have waited on me hand and foot even though I haven't really required that much attention. And Grady probably takes on the most of it, even though he's only been physically with me for a day and a half of this week. I try to be strong and okay with everyone else, but he's had to put up with all of my crying, whining, and moaning. He even took my calls in the middle of the night a couple of times because I hurt too badly to sleep! He's the very best!

Class was entertaining. I was pretty useless... I was great for entertainment and photocopying. Oh and mixing dough starters by hand (literally (gloved, I promise)).

I am starting to feel better, especially with a good nights sleep which at this point is pretty much only on the Price's couch. It is the softest, squishiest, most comfortable couch in the world and I want it to be mine! It also helps that I've always slept on my back on this couch, whereas I'm a belly sleeper everywhere else. I'm thinking about moving back in for a few more days so I can actually sleep and maybe recover faster!

Completely separate from this saga, besides the fact that his name was mentioned, Grady has a panel interview on Tuesday morning for the City of Allen Police Department and a psych/polygraph test on Wednesday, all of which will determine his hiring status with them as a dispatcher. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that he'll do well and get the job? Thanks :)