Monday, December 15, 2008

Incase you are in the market...

for a good book, I highly recommend The Shack by William P. Young. The concept of the story (years after the murder of his daughter, a man is lured back to the shack in which the events took place to meet God) seemed a little hokie at first, however it turned out to be a very interesting read.

Apparently, there will be a Price family discussion of said book somewhere between Christmas and New Years; since I will be in the midst of these events, I am apparently expected to be able to intelligently contribute to the conversation. So I set aside Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (no, I have not made it to the Half Blood Prince yet...) starting on Friday evening and spent much of my leisure time this weekend reading The Shack. It's a fast read with conversational language, so it's easily completed in a matter of hours. I wrapped it up this morning while I doctored Will (Grady's little brother) post-wisdom-teeth-extraction.

It makes available an interesting perspective on the relationship we, as humans, "should" aim to maintain with God. It mostly revolved around love, trust, and forgiveness, which are major principles of the way I see and relate to Christ, personally. I'm not saying I'm 100% on the bandwagon with Young, but it was pleasantly provocative and made me consider faith in ways that I had not yet fully considered. Pretty cool.

Check it out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Surprise Surgery!

It's different from emergency surgery- nothing is critical but you're as unbeknowst to the fact that it's going to occur as if it was.

I knew I was going to the foot doctor. I knew I had an ingrown toenail (much as I have for the past 8+ years). What I did not know was that the procedure was so simple it could be done during the first appointment!

Dr. Wisdom said that since the issue was so recurring, it would be smartest to remove the entire sliver of toenail that keeps on forming the ingrown issue. So while I stared at the ceiling, she did whatever it was she did that removed part of my toenail down to the root. And yesterday was great- the toe was completely numb all day! Today however, the pain was definitely there and I couldn't manage to get my left foot into any of my shoes... Yay slipper!

Well, kiddies- it's about time to soak my toe...

Happy 900th day, Grady! Sorry you're so sick for it!