Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunshine and Good Days!

I love long walks!
I love sunshine and warmth!
I love having a well-behaved (mostly) and groomed pup!
I love spending time with my magnificent fiance!
I love reorganizing furniture and discovering more space in a room!
I love hanging with the pup for a lazy afternoon!
I love visiting with sisters!
I love making wedding planning progress!

I don't really love the laundry folding/hanging that I'm putting off...
Actually, I don't even like it, but heeeeeeeeere we gooooooo!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Productive Week!

I am absolutely estactic! We have picked out and created our invitations, had a meeting with our photographer and scheduled our engagement photos (finally!), and I have picked my wedding dress! I couldn't be happier!

In other areas of my life:
I can say that I have lost at least some weight recently because things are starting to fit differently and I am seeing a change in my shape!

Similarly, but also seperately, I have been SUGAR FREE for five whole days! It has been a hard battle since I realized I was addicted to sugar on Easter. The fight started by expunging all sweets from our apartment and getting used to not ordering or picking up desserts at restaurants and stores, then I had to move on to convincing myself that I do not need to eat a finger-swipe's worth of buttercream every hour nor cake scraps when they become available. I have completely resisted every sugary temptation since Saturday, many they have been, and am SO proud of myself!

And best of all, big changes are happening at work and while the exact changes are unsure at best, I am being given more responsibility and being considered for upcoming advancements and promotions. :D

God is good and I am blessed.