Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Birthday/Happy Christmas!

Hope this season has brought you many blessings!
I know it has for me...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It'll Take More Than Just A Breeze...

...to make me fall over.

Work was... alright. First days are always hard, I know that. I was impressed by the rules and regulations imparted by the employee guidelines, my new co-workers are nice, and I'm being paid significantly more than in my lab at OU. On the other hand, I felt a little thrown into the fire- watching kids is a huge responsibility, and when you don't have a general feel for a school, even a specific class room, I'm not sure it's advantageous to just toss someone new into the mix. But I know that's how it works sometimes.

Oh, and early three-year-olds en mass is just a bad idea altogether. Thank goodness I'm being "semi-permanently" placed in the Pre-K 2 room (older four-year-olds).

All I have to say after all of that is thank goodness for my family. I regained sanity by hanging out with my parents and Grady... And then falling asleep super early...

Now I can't sleep...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Plano Sweet Plano?

So I'm safely back in P-town, have been actually since Tuesday... it's been nice-- being with my parents and Grady, with Grady's family and away from the extreme weather plaguing Oklahoma currently. I'm not saying it's been perfect or beautiful here- it's been rainy and relatively chilly- but I've enjoyed Texas so far. I've gotten the vast majority of Christmas shopping done; I still have some gift making to do before I can call myself finished.

Tomorrow, I start my job at the same daycare that my mom works at. I'd be lying if I said I was 100% excited about this job, but then again I'm not 100% against it either. I'm grateful for the opportunity to raise personal funds, but at the same time, I'd really just like to rest. Oh well- too late to back out now...

G'night all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Epic Day...

Last night, the news reported that the University of Oklahoma was going to be closed Monday, December 10-- the first day of exams... As previously stated, two posts ago, I was scheduled to take two exams today, Monday, December 10... All of those exams cancelled were going to be rescheduled for sometime this weekend, precise times not to be known until Wednesday, December 12... Fortunately for me, my geography professor decided to make the exam available today if we could "make it safely."

So here's the run down of my day:
  • I found my way into my vehicle that had a sheet of ice about one and a half to two centimeters thick by first pouring scalding hot water on the door handle, and then prying the rest off the windows.
  • I made my way to my exam through the rediculous amounts of broken and fallen trees.I finished off my semester of geography.
  • I fell flat on my toosh in the parking garage.
  • I purchased new windshield wipers.
  • I successfully avoided car accidents as I made my way back to my apartment!

Perhaps by the sweet grace of God, I might get back to P-Town tomorrow!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tis the Season...

And I feel like something in the universe has been altered. At this time last year, could have said the same statement, but I would have been referring to the difference between "the-good-old-days" and what was the present time. However, this year I say that as an observation of the good that has been newly reintroduced in my world. Lately, it has seemed to me that a lot of people are much nicer than I remembered from complete strangers previously. Last week, I was carrying a box into my job and this random guy comes completely out of the way to open the door for me. But that was not the end of that: he opened every door between the initial one and my prep room! Today, I had a number of lovely and polite conversations with strangers while waiting for the shuttle. A young man waited to let me go before him getting off the shuttle. A number of people have been holding doors, smiling, being cordial; I find that so different from what has sadly been the norm.

It's perhaps fair to say that I have great hope for not only today or this season, but for society in general... Maybe that's naive or optimistic, but I'm alright with that.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh, for days like today...

The start was a little rough- didn't feel too well and had a paper to write for mycology, but after that! Mmmm! I vegged out on the couch, just doing whatever on my computer- facebook, sudoku, letter writing, blogging... all the while listening to Christmas music. My roommate, Elisha just read all day, and it was a peaceful afternoon of relaxation. I haven't showered yet (eew, I know) but maybe I'll have a bath once I get home from Redliners rehearsal. The perfect way to clam down before dead week... geez!

Tuesday: math final
Thursday: Redliners concert
Friday through Monday: study like you wouldn't believe
Monday: 8am- Music final, 1pm- geography final
Tuesday: 8am- mycology final , 1pm- geology final
Then I am done for the semester, and I go home!

Good luck, Patricia. Good luck.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Eleven Days...

Can you believe it? I have eleven days until I am completely finished with this semester. I feel like it just started! In addition to an exceptionaly fast semester, this week has seriously flewn by. Between being sick and incredibly busy, I have no clue where the time has gone, or how it's Friday...

Well, this weekend is going to be spent in complete submersion in my dung fungi final write up... Lovely.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the picture, but I wanted it there anyways. Just go with it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

Last week was absolutely majestic! I attended classes on Monday, because attendance is taken in Music and Mycology. However, it was not advantageous to attend classes on Tuesday, so I rode back to Plano with my big. I hung out with my parents for a while, and then joined the boy and his family for dinner! It was delightful- the prayer was adapted for the first time in the last year and a half (almost) to include me as family! :0)

Wednesday, I brunched with my Leigh Anne Z at IHOP. It was great fun! Afterwards, I spent my afternoon with my favorite 58-year-old, Suellen! After that, I went home for dinner with Grady and my family while we awaited the arrival of my bro and his girl. It was great to see him! And Jenni is a delight! She came in with hugs and smiles, laughing, making conversation! She'll fit right in.

Thursday was perfect as well- parade, first dinner at our house, and then second dinner with the Prices and a bunch of their friends. It was really quite wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening- no joke! Something is changing, and I'm liking it!

Then the weekend was good- Grady came back to Norman with me, and we went to the game on Saturday! We won! So now we're going to the Big XII Champs!

Well, now I look forward to another 16 days until the end of the semester! Geez- that just hit me! Two weeks and two days... Holy crap.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Day-

After staying up all night last night, this morning presented a reward of sheer excitement and joy on my newly pronounced "little's" face! Made it all worthwhile. Now I get to sleep for a few hours before one of my high schoolers from back home arrives for her weekend visit! Sleep= goooood. Shelby= awesome!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Arrival of Krumme

Krumme has officially been incorporated into the daily lives of those in L106. He is absolutely precious. He's a nibbler, so the training has already begun; he's rapidly grasping the meaning of the word "No." He's already very good at pottying on the puppy pad in addition to stealing our hearts.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2, 9, 14

2 days until my puppy arrives!
Also 2 days until my parents come hang for a weekend!
9 days until my friend Shelby hopefully takes her turn here for the weekend!
Also 9 days until all of Oklahoma takes the day to celebrate our state's centenial!
14 days until Thanksgiving break!

Lord knows I need to find hope from somewhere... Else I might fall apart before the end of the semester...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh boy!

In approximately ten days (10 days!), we will have a puppy in the apartment! We weren't supposed to get him until after Thanksgiving, but Elisha's mommy is bringing little Krumme to us over parents weekend, Friday after next! He's a little Dachshund from Saucey's (Elisha's doggy) first litter! Krumme is a little red one and we can't wait to have him running around!
We got his name from Harry Potter- Victor Krum. We had a list of names we had pulled from literature: Fiyero, Wicked; Atticus, To Kill a Mockingbird; Reuben, Bible; Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet; and of course Krumme. Everyone agreed that Krumme was most fitting of a small dog, both in the irony of Victor Krum being a large, strong guy as well as the direct correlation to the word crumb.

The spelling was changed for the entertainment of the drinkers in the bunch... (it's a German liquor) If I'd just forget about that detail, I'll be happier with it...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Frazzled, Frustrated, and Worried

Last week was a whirlwind of disarray.
There was some stress within the apartment- no real problems, just some tension. Fortunately, that all went away in its own time...
I had some tests, quizzes, and assignments due, but of course, that all took care of itself as the week rolled on.
Mostly of all, last week was consumed with fear. Friday, October 19, a lovely pimple like mass appeared on my left leg, and given my affinity for popping, I made it "disappear" in the only way I understand. Normal-Patricia-fashion... Turns out that wasn't such a good idea. I didn't take much notice of it over the weekend, but I did discover that the mass had done all but disappeared come Monday. Tuesday, I was slightly concerned; it had become larger- no longer was it dime sized, but more like a nickel. Wednesday I could take no more- the mass was swollen to the size of a quarter and appeared abnormal.
So I took a walk-in appointment that afternoon, got some quality reading in while I waited the two to three hours, and then had the spot looked at. Dr. Rice decided it looked most like a spider bite (as I had suspected) or perhaps a staph infection. The latter thoroughly freaked me out, given the fact that there is an antibacterial resistant strain floating around taking a death toll in the 10's of thousands, especially on high school and college campuses... I was prescribed some sweet antibiotics and instructed to drain it a few times a day until nothing more came out of it. I managed to get all of the excess ewwy out of it the first time around, and started the drugs...
The remainder of the week was a nerve wreaking experience, just waiting to see if it would get better. And I got my proof today- it is officially back to a dime size and much lighter than it's ever been!

Deuces frazzle, frustration, and worry.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I chopped my hair off today.
I was tired of "looking like a horse," if you will.
(Name that movie anybody?) Thus it is now short.

Very short. I like it, and that's all that matters, yes?

Monday, October 15, 2007

No no go classes...


Busy busy busy busy weekend...
Robe soft. Bed soft.
Class suck.
Neeeeeeeeeeeeed sleep.

Or coffee...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time is on my side...

... at least for today. I was early to music, allowing me to read on my way over and finish my binder before I had to turn it in. The music mid term was frickin' easy, and I was finished with the test within 15-20 minutes. I left there, headed toward fungus class, but stopped into work (since it's next door to my class) and took care of the fish- my only task for today. Fungus was good- not only did my friend Laura bring me coffee, but we finished 5-10 minutes early. Then I headed over to the union, met with my fellow Redliners, and we sang from 12-1 for "Mid-day Music." After finishing our set, I ate lunch, hung out with my big, and then came home! And now, since I have no homework, I'm going to spend my afternoon reading! Or perhaps sewing... I can't quite decide... Either way, I'll be chillin' with Ingrid.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ingrid, dahling...

I've made a new friend with Ingrid Michaelson. Ok, maybe not physically, "Hello, Ingrid. My name is Patricia. Wanna be my friend?" But rather, "Ingrid is some smooth listening... She makes me feel good," kind of a friend. You know, the way Franky (Sinatra) and I are close? Yeah, that's what I mean. And if you have no clue as to whom I'm talking about, you should look into finding her music. Her cd is titled Girls and Boys, and if you watch tv and have seen the Old Navy sweater commercial, that's her song! Her voice is pure gold. Complete delight.

So- go, listen, love!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I should be in bed...

I'm sleepy...

October's started off well. Math test was rather magical today. Sonic disappointed on a couple of fronts tonight. Now I'm just sleepy.

Side note: I finished The Red Tent by Anita Diamant today. I almost cried, it was so good. Now I've picked up Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've enjoyed the first three and a half stories within, so that's a pretty strong indicator, right?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

This Week...

...feels like it might never end...
It's been crappy and stressful: tests, writing assignments, drama with friends (I'm not a direct party of, however I managed to score the position of mediator...), a lot of abnormal work stuff to be taken care of... It's seemingly perpetual.

But that's ok- my Grady will be here tomorrow!

And in a week, I'll get to see my 58-year-old best friend, Suellen while enjoying some good old fashioned football rivalry!

Additionally, I'm almost to the end of a good book; I love that place- where you're completely hooked and you can actually appreciate the anticipation of closure, not to mention the excitement of picking up a new book!

it'll all be ok... this week will be survived

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today=spectacular thus far!
In Experiencing Music, we learned how to play the e, d, and c on our recorders; listened to a magical presentation of recorders by a delightful older British chap.
In Mycology, we learned about the difference between respiration and fermentation, and I actually picked up on it as easily as the rest of the class that's full of upper level science majors (me being a lower level education major...).
After class, I received one of the greatest compliments of my life from my boss and her husband- my boss introducing me as "the most wonderful lab assistant [she's] ever had." Her husband informed me that she speaks often of me, and very highly at that. Given Dr. Hoefnagels being the incredibly respected and revered professor that she is, that is kind of a big deal to me. And by "kind of", I mean "quite." I work hard, and I appreciate having a boss that's willing to acknowledge my efforts and ever encourage me!
And nothing after that could possibly beat that, thus the day has continued in a marvelous fashion!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Silly as it may sound...

During the humiliating years of being a teenager, I managed to miss the importance face washing... I'm not sure why or how... I knew I needed to, I just didn't feel like it I guess? I know- I sound stupid, and I probably was. It's like brushing my hair when I was younger. I wanted to take care of myself, but I didn't really know how. So I ended up with huge knots at the nape of my neck that were less than fun to untangle.
Regardless, I just mastered the face washing concept, and have cleared up considerably! Therefore, I'm incredibly excited.

That is all...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sundays Appear Productive

I guess in the boredom of a Sunday afternoon, I can accomplish more than I do in an entire week... Once I get home from church, I find myself acctually doing things- drawing, reading, sewing. Today's work was of the latter- sewing. I've been sewing bags for years, but I got my first request for a messenger bag this weekend! And I'd say it turned out pretty decent. I'm quite proud to be honest. And for that reason alone, you get to see it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today has been a magnificent day! Completely put aside the rain followed by blazing sun; ignore the itchy polo and thick white pants I have to wear- OU beat Miami 51-13!
Last weeks game was good, but it lack interest because we played UNT, and UNT is... well UNT. Everyone knows they do music, not sports... So a 73-10 win was exciting, but kind of expected... However beating Miami was not necessarily predictable!

And the pool at the apartment complex felt marvelous on my sunburns.

Next on my schedule, watch TCU take down saxeT! As if the day could be any better...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Cappella Dreams

Per Tracy's request- here is my update of how my first rehearsal as a Redliner went! It was on Monday evening, and I got a bunch of music, and am still missing some. But it was an hour and a half of learning the tenor line of O.K. Oklahoma, OU Chant, and Kiss the Girl. It's a challenge, but I'm enjoying it! The people are all very nice, and easy to work with... We have our winter concert December 6, titled The First Annual Fireside Cuddle with the Redliners. I'm incredibly excited! You should be in Norman, OK on that evening.

Friday, August 31, 2007

My recent "1sts"-

  • time card for my job
  • successful car battery jumping
  • day ordering my chai from a different Starbucks
  • day to wear sweatpants to class this semester
  • morning to forget breakfast before my shower
  • time riding the shuttle to the wrong stop

Monday, August 27, 2007

From the Days of Being Wee

The first drawing I've done in months... It was time, and it felt good.

Indeed, it felt good.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I found Pinocchio on my wall while talking to Grady last night. Maybe a little obscure to you, but my finger is directly under his right facing elongated nose and in front of his mouth and chin. He's got a little body, a donkey ear and tail...
Don't believe me? Come to Norman and see for yourself...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Numero uno

Today, I got a blogspot...
Conveniently, I had a block of my day that opened, due to my super speedy cleaning skills at my job; in my newly liberated time, I looked over my favorites online. One of those being KCDiaries and another Tracy's, both of which prompted my desire to comment. However, that was impossible granted I was not a member, thus I changed that! Now I am, now I can, and now I will.

Besides that rambling, I'm not sure I have much else to say... The start of school has been great? I'm really going to have to work this semester, but it shall be delightful all the same.

And a random anecdote-- yesterday, OU hosted the first Homeland Security Drill in our stadium. They staged a "gas line explosion" to test the police, fire, and EMT officials' abilities to deal with the situation. I was one of the 30 "actors" who need triage support, and I was the victim who had "glass in eyes and many abrasions". More later- gotta go to Math Systems... But pictures to follow eventually! Promise!