Monday, March 4, 2013


Y'know, I don't recall specifically how long ago it was, but my sister, Tracy, and I once went on a quest for a spice blend of some sort while camping at a KOA Kampsite with our parents.  We ran out of our Lawry's seasoning salt, so we wandered down to the on-site camp store, where we were greeted by a very kind camp owner as well as a plethora of creepy miniature dolls our mother later insisted on purchasing.  Regardless, the kind man offered to let us borrow his spice mix, called Jamaica Me Crazy, in lieu of having to go to town for some spices since his shop did not indeed sell any.  Since then this phrase has been widely used by our family (as in, "you're making me crazy!"), but never has is seemed so appropriate until now--I am so excited to go to Jamaica this summer, it's making me a little bit crazy!

I will be sending out some letters in the next couple days, but have had such a wide friends base request an electronic version I figured posting it on my blog couldn't hurt.  If you're a complete and total traditionalist and would prefer a letter be snail mailed to you, stop here and let me know!  I'm completely fine with that.  If you're not into that kind of thing, but want to know more, keep going - this post is for you:

Friends and Family,

I am writing to let you know about an incredible opportunity I have to serve some needy people in Jamaica this June.  We will be partnering with Mission Discovery (an organization who does short term missions) and to take 15 people to go and serve in Montego Bay, Jamaica June 9-15.  This trip will provide three opportunities:  first, in Barrett Hall, a small community where there is a local church serving this very needy community.  This church and school could be a place of ministry for our team as we work to encourage the members, help with the continuing construction, and share the gospel with the people of the community.  Work could include laying blocks, carrying sand, mixing concrete, and leading a Children’s Bible study.  Second, in Eden, a small village that is off the “beaten path,” set back in the hills and rainforests of the island.  In this tiny town, the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf ministers to hearing impaired and special needs children whose families could not otherwise afford such excellent attention and care.  This needed school may be a place of ministry for our team to work together to meet the children’s physical and spiritual needs.  Projects could include building new dorms and classrooms, creating safe areas for the children to play, building perimeter fences, and leading a Children’s Bible School in Eden. This location in particular is dear to my heart because of the love the Lord has put in my heart for learning sign language and helping those who are deaf.  Third, we will also have the opportunity to lead a children’s Bible school and work at Blossom Garden Children’s Home, an orphanage that houses more than 70 children.  This is another portion of the trip I am greatly looking forward to since James 1:27 commands us “to look after orphans and widows in their distress”.  I have felt the gravity of this verse press on my heart in the last few years, especially for the orphans, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share Christ’s love with these Jamaican children.  Lastly, our group will also spend a day shopping at the Straw Market and relaxing at one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

I am writing to ask for your support for this opportunity. I want to ask you to consider supporting me one or more ways.  First, going on this mission trip, I want this to be His mission not mine; in all this my heart needs to be rightly focused on God and relying on Him to get me through the week. So, would you be willing to be a prayer warrior for me?  I really want to be prepared to do whatever God asks me to do and I believe that I need to be spiritually prepared before I go.  Also, I would like for you to pray for me to be physically ready and healthy while I am there.  Please pray for the families we will be serving.  Pray that we would be able to meet their physical needs as well as their spiritual.  If you would be willing to do this, please let me know.

The second way you could support me on this project would be to help me with the cost of the trip. I will need to pay $1600 in order to attend. This amount covers, travel, food and lodging, supplies for projects, and supplies to meet some needs in the local community.  If you are able to help this way, details are below.

As you can tell this trip is only three months away but and I need to begin receiving support as soon as possible.  Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated. If you are able to give financially you can simply send a check to Chase Oaks Church in my care (EDIT - as in to me, Patricia Price) at 241 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023 (I work there in addition to worshiping there, so I have a mailbox and everything), made out to CHASE OAKS CHURCH, the church I attend. Then in the memo line put “Jamaica Mission Trip”.  Do not put my name on the check.  I will turn it in to the church for you so you will get a tax deduction if you desire.

Thank you for considering partnering with me on this mission trip.  I am looking forward to sharing the stories of how God will use us to show love through using our hands, feet, and hearts during this week.

Thank you,
Patricia Price

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A review of the 2012 playbook

Certainly, this was a year unlike any other.  It was filled with learning, growing, and plenty of growing pains as well.  Fortunately, there has been more sustained joy in that pain, knowing that Christ is transforming me to be more like Him with every ache I feel.  It has been truly beautiful.

My 2012 Resolutions were:

Healthy Choices: I would definitely say that was a total success considering the fact that I am the fittest I've ever been before in my entire life and maintaining healthy eating and workout habits with the help of my amazing accountability team.  I have completely over turned the contents of my pantry and fridge and that has helped me over turn my closet a few times this year!

Joyful Obedience:  I'm still terrible about getting the laundry done on a regular basis and I have to scramble to get the house clean every time someone is coming over (feel free to count that as an invitation to make house calls) but in regard to trusting and obeying God and His plans for me, that is becoming simpler daily with prayer and humble submission.  Now I just need to remember that everything I do is meant to glorify the Lord and that includes laundry and vacuuming with joy and gratitude in my heart.

Read more:  Not as successful as I had hoped, but I did read more in 2012 than in 2011, so we'll call it a win.  I will say that since the living room is basically just a couch and a fireplace now, I have read significantly more.  I fully intend continue that upswing this year and have already clocked an hour toward that goal.

More homemade, less store bought:  I would definitely say that has been accomplished.  Decorations, clothing, pieces of furniture, and lots of food have been made and enjoyed by us over the last year.  There is more that I can be making myself and I'll work this year to implement more of those things into our lives, but I feel quite satisfied with the progress made this year toward becoming more self-sustainable.  Next comes chickens.  Okay, kidding (for now) but composting and vegetable growing is on the list for this year!

I very much look forward to what is in store for 2013 and I am excited to see who I am a year from now, as the Lord continues to mold my heart and draw me nearer to Himself!

My 2013 Resolutions:
Continue growing each of those 2012 resolutions
Take my sabbath more seriously- make time to relax
Make time in the Word a higher priority
Aim for intentionality and authenticity in all relationships