Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hard Times, My Friends

Last Friday, when I first got the news that a friend of mine passed away, I felt like perhaps I was going to be a bit alienated from the whole grief process; he and I had never been extremely close and to be honest, we hadn't spoken in three years or so. I'm not quite sure why I thought that would exempt me from the hurt of this situation.

We might not have been bffs or anything, but we still have memories together. Most of all, I have known his family for the same 10 or so years and have a great deal of love and respect for them, specifically his parents. Since I moved home a year ago, they have offered unexplainable amounts of support and love. That's where the vast majority of my grief has been directed: my heart breaks for these parents who have had to experience the kind of tragedy no one should.

Addiction took my friend away. Made him into a person he didn't even realize he was. Addiction has brought a whole world of hurt down on people who never could have deserved it. Brought scars into the memories, jaded us all forever.

In the last day or so, I find that my grief is moving towards deep sadness for the girlfriend he left behind. In my mind, I keep putting myself in her place and can't keep from crying every time. I know how very much I love Grady, how wonderful everything is in our little world, how we love to talk of things yet to come; they had a past, a present, and plans for a future, but none of those dreams and expectations will ever be fulfilled.

The Lord is sovereign. The Lord is sovereign...