Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Newest AID Graduate!

Hello! It's nice to meet you. I AM the newest Art Institute of Dallas graduate, Patricia E. Hagenbuck.

Today, I got to stick my head into an oven, scrub quarter inch thick grease off of racks and pots, and deck scrub the floors for one last time before getting all dolled up and heading over to Go Fish to enjoy the company of my classmates that I will likely never see ever again. Okay, Kathryn and Ashley are the exception, but I will gladly do without the rest. :P

Now I can move on to wedding planning! I'm so much more than happy!

Stay tuned for potential photos of my ceremonial trashing of all things AID related scheduled to occur tomorrow promptly after waking!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Birds and the Bees-

-have a completely different significance in Grady and my relationship: Our apartment is apparently in their airspace. Often on sunny days, whole flocks of birds will fly around out over the field below us and periodically come to rest on our windowsill... Same with wasps! And our window does not have a screen, unfortunately!

Today, the weather is beautiful and I'd give anything to be able to bask in the glory of the sun but I have a lot of household chores and homework to conquer... The window would be a perfect option if only there was some protection from the curious creatures outside, specifically the massive hawk that has made a handful of passes by the window today and anything that is attracted to the sweet smell of the peach room fragrance stuff we just plugged in! Bummer.