Saturday, November 24, 2012

iTunes Champion

I am triumphant!  My iTunes and I battled and I won.

Momza and Pops just left a couple hours ago from their week here for Thanksgiving.  It rocked having them here, so we were sad to see them go.  And their puppies!  I am surprised Grady refrained from trying to hide one or both of them so they couldn't leave...  Such cute puppies!!!

Yesterday, while the mister slept, the rents and I went to Lowe's go purchase their Christmas gift to us: three beautiful, big, steel shelving units for our garage (on sale and we didn't do any crazy Black Friday shenanigans to get the deal!), followed by my pops helping me set them up and getting them loaded while Momza so kindly, without prompting or being requested, prepped the house for Christmasing.  We also converted the newly clean garage in to the rough beginnings of a man cave for the aforementioned sleeping mister, but more on that later.

Once we got around to setting up the tree, I realized that it would be crying shame to not listen to some great Christmas music while we decked the halls.  I was wanting my old, ridiculous stuff-- you know what I'm talking about-- Billy Gilman, Jim Henson and The Muppets, The Carpenters.  It was then that I remembered that in the great flood of 2011, we lost the computers and therefore the music.  I guess I just ignored that fact last year?  Not sure how I made it through without a tantrum... (If tantruming happened, I am sincerely sorry to any of you sweet friends who dealt with it.  I've clearly repressed that situation if it did indeed happen).  Regardless, Pops and the then awake mister conspired to get my music back to me via a media transfer from Pops' computer by flash drive!  Genius!!!

At that point, iTunes started to play elusive...  Jerk.  Tripp did what he could, Pops tried too, but to no avail.  They added a folder of all the music to my desktop, but shortly thereafter, Tripp had to do that lame thing we call going to work...  Boo.

Fast forward to this morning!  We send off the rents and pups, do our Saturday morning routine, and once mister was sufficiently snuggled to sleep, I made a tactical strike at the iTunes.  I knew it was a permissions issue, so I looked into altering ALL of the permissions regarding our hard drive, my iTunes account, and my computer user account.  After reading MANY blog forums, modifying copious amounts of curse words before they escaped my lips into silly phrases, and refraining from actually punching the computer, I stumbled across the issue: the random location iTunes has decided to store and pull my music from was locked from modification from my account.  And by that I mean Tripp was the only user marked as available to make changes.  I added myself to the list of admins for that file while mumbling something about a misogynistic computer system, added my music files, opted for "Add to Library," and watched every single music file name scroll by as I felt the full weight of my victory!  Best yet, my as-good-as-Apple-Genius husband didn't have to hand hold me the whole time!  Or any of the time; I am soo capable!

I am listening to some of that good old Christmas music right now as I type to you of my success and it feels soo good.  Now we move on to crafting: jingle bell poppies from egg cartons, tree skirt from table cloth, crocheted star ornaments, paper word garlands, something creative for our above-mantle art (inspiration will come, I'm not worried.  Or Pinterest will be summoned), and making pillows and curtains for the man cave!

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