Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthdays, Price Style

Yesterday was Grady's 24th birthday, so I decided to go a little crazy while he slept.

Crape paper everywhere!

Helium balloons (I was a bit of a doof about how many balloons the tank would fill. Oh well!)

Grady was soo pleased, can't you tell? No, really, he loved it!

See? He decided to dive in!

Kiki was (is) not pleased! Tripp thought it would be fun to spread the balloons all over the house and since the pup is apparently afraid of them, she gets herself trapped as the fans move them around at will.

Quick dog sidebar: when Tripp got home this morning, Kiki was excited (per usual) but frustrated that she was "blocked" on the bed with me. She found a patch of opportunity, hopped down, found herself surrounded by balloons and no where to go, and attempted to hop back up on the bed. She did not quite nail her landing, however... Kiki fell off the bed, popped a balloon, and effectively flew into the center of the bed! Hilarious.

Next up - family celebration! We're headed over to Sharon and Ed's place for dinner along with my mom and pops (they're graciously sharing their anniversary to celebrate Tripp's birthday!). I'm in charge of dessert (duh), so Tripp and I landed on Pavlovas! Because who doesn't love baked meringue (pictured above), whipped coconut cream, and honey macerated kiwi and strawberries? That's right, no one.

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